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Yerevan, A City From The Antique World

Yerevan, A City From The Antique WorldArmenia is a country with a unique cultural heritage. It is one of the few ancient states living today. Armenians have become the first Christian nation, officially adopting the religion in 301 AD.

The Armenian alphabet, invented by linguist, theologian, statesman and hymnologist Mesrop Mashtoc in 405 AD, is one of the distinctive characteristics of Armenians.

Their history has a plurality of ups and downs. It has seen greatness under the King Tigranes the Great, has been through being split up between rival kingdoms, hasn’t been independent for centuries.

During the World War I Armenian nation has been on the verge of eradication in the result of the Armenian Genocide, committed by the Ottoman Empire. Soviet times haven’t been great for Armenia either.

Today Armenia is taking small steps towards prosperity. Trails of the Soviet system aren’t particularly helping in that task.

On the contrary, those are the things that might actually prevent the rapid development of Armenia. But Armenians believe that their effort to adapt to the world environment won’t be fruitless.

The capital of Armenia, Yerevan, is one of the peculiar reminders of the heritage of Armenians, although not being the oldest settlement in the history of Armenia.

The old buildings from the Soviet era, the ancient architecture of the Armenian kingdoms keep all the hopes, dreams, majesty, accomplishments, pain and loss of the Armenians.

Modern districts represent the optimism and trust in the bright future. The city of Yerevan talks to its inhabitants and visitors, trying to tell its story, reassuring that Armenia is taking its first steps on the path to the surely satisfactory tomorrow.


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